It's easy to forget... but it's harder to forgive. I've been beaten, left behind, betrayed, forgotten, and defeated... I've come back from the dead and been controlled. Now, it's my turn. My life is my own now and I do what I want. Revenge? That shit's for children. I don't want them dead for what they did... I just want them to suffer. I cannot be bargained or reasoned with. I'll only rest when I'm through.

{Independent RP blog for the Marvel character Barney Barton, also known as "Trickshot". I'll RP with anyone! This blog will be NSFW, just warning you now.

I'm not Norman Reedus and I don't own anything posted on this blog unless I say so.}


Norman Reedus Gif Hunt 

Mostly for my own RP purposes… but y’all are welcome to use them as well. None of these gifs are mine, just saying. If any of these are yours and you’d like a credit listed, please don’t hesitate to send me an ask off of Anon so I can give credit where credit is deserved. 

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